Lundi 16 avril 2012
08H30 Accueil des participants
09H15 Ouverture
09H30 –10H15D. Gigmes: Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization: From Alkoxyamines to Advanced Polymer Materials
10H15 –11H00 F. Morana :Organocatalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of β-Aryl-β-isocyanoesters
D. Pingret :Compréhension de la dégradation des huiles végétales traitées aux ultrasons
J. Martinelli :Redox Sensitive Dendrimeric BetaCD/Gd Chelates supramolecular adducts
10H30 –11H00Pauses café - Session affiches (Salle de conférences)
11H30 –12H00D. Vione: Photochemical Processes in Surface Waters
12H00 –13H00 G. Lemiere: Bi(OTf)3-Catalyzed Hydroarylation of Allenes and Dienes
A. Piatek: High-performance liquid chromatography determination of (R)-3-hydroxybutyric acid in human plasma
D. Devaux: Effect of the architecture of PEO based polymer electrolytes on their ionic conductivities
F. Sordello: Photocatalytic hydrogen production on Pt-loaded TiO2 inverse opals

13h00 –14H30Buffet - Session affiches (Salle de conférences)

14H3015H15A. Saccone: Rare Earths and their Recycling for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
15H15 –16H30 F. Rodier: Diastereoselective Access to Spirolactones via Rh-Mediated [5+2]-Cycloaddition Reactions. En route to the AC core of Micrandilactone C
V. Aina: Novel smart biomaterials for dental and orthopaedic applications: bioactive glasses containing metal nano-particles (NPs) conjugated with molecules of biological interest.
L. Charles: Ion mobility mass spectrometry: a powerful tool to evidence shape variation of dendrimers upon multiple protonation
L. Moni: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of β-Amyloid and Tau Protein Aggregation Inhibitors for Alzheimer’s Disease
C. Lejars: Grafted copolymers based on polydimethylsiloxane and poly(tert-butyldimethylsilyl methacrylate) synthesized by the RAFT process: a new class of binders for FRC/SPC hybrid antifouling coatings
10H30 –11H00Pauses café - Session affiches (Salle de conférences)
17H00 –17H30S. Antoniotti: Catalyse, biocatalyse et synthons bio-sourcés
17H30 –18H00 Y. Sakhno: Towards a “surface science model for biology”: glycine adsorption on nanohydroxyapatite with well defined surfaces
M. Skrobanska: Phase formation during mechanical alloying of Mg–Ti–Si powders
18H00 –18H30Remises du Prix du Doctorant SCF-PACA et du Prix CDP Innovation 2012
J. Maury: Aminomethylation of Michael Acceptors: Complementary Radical and Polar Approaches Mediated by Dialkylzincs
M. Reddy: NMR Methods and Applications for the Study of Complex Mixtures

Martedì 17 aprile 2012
09H00 –09H45G. Viscardi: Dye Sensitized Solar Cells: Fundamentals and Perspectives
09H45 –10H30 H.Marzag: Efficient Synthesis of Aryl C-nucleosides through Friedel-Crafts reaction. Post Synthetic Transformations
L. Bono: On Line SPE - LC-MS/MS Quantification of Triazine Pesticides in Water
G. Quelever: Novel and efficient synthesis of poly(amino)ester dendrimers
10H30 –11H00Pauses café - Session affiches (Salle de conférences)
11H00 –11H30C. Garnier: Transfert et spéciation des éléments traces métalliques en zone côtière: approche analytique et modélisation
11H30 –12H30 G. Fenoglio: Non invasive analysis of manuscript covers: portable X-ray Fluorescence enlightening medieval jewellery masterpieces
P. Bremond: Chemically Triggered C–ON Bond Homolysis of Alkoxyamines. Quaternization of the Alkyl Fragment
S. Zappia: Synthesis and characterization of novel highly photoresponsive nanosensors
W. Raimondi: 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds as pro-nucleophiles in asymmetric transformations

13h00 –14H30Buffet - Session affiches (Salle de conférences)

14H00 –14H45Grand Prix SCF-PACA 2012
Maurice Santelli: Tédicyp, a new ligand for palladium
14h45 –15H30 V. Pirro: Multivariate Strategies for Screening Evaluation of Chronic Alcohol Abuse
M. Lucchini: Biochemical sensors based on magnetic nanoparticles
C. Passini: Imprinted Thin Layers for Capillary Electrophoresis
10H30 –11H00Pauses café - Session affiches (Salle de conférences)
16H00 –16H30C. Brullo: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Small Molecules as Multiple Target Inhibitors in the Chemotaxis Process
16H30 –17H30 N. Baldovini: The diketonic constituents of Helichrysum italicum
M. Giorgis: Carnosine analogues containing Phenol substructures
A. Bouhlel: Access to original spirocyclic derivatives via inter- or intramolecular reaction mediated by manganese(III) acetate
F. Vacandio: Synthesis and characterization of ZrO2 nanotubes by electrochemical anodisation of sputtered Zr thin films
17H30  Chiusura delle VIe Giornate Italo-Francesi di Chimica

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